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We’ve joined forces with our local sister company GrubMarket to become your one-stop-grocer with thousands of new products. You’re going to LOVE our new site and store.

To make things easier, we've loaded your account and orders into GrubMarket. Your orders will now be fulfilled and delivered by GrubMarket. Questions? email or call (510) 556 4786.

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While working on a farm, Reisha experienced firsthand how difficult it is for a small-scale farmer to sell their harvest. As a nutritionist, she also saw an incredible lack of local and organic produce available to her clientele. Her dream was to find a solution to both problems and create a level of trust and convenience that could bridge the gap between farmers and families. This was the spark that soon became FarmBox. Though it began with a structure similar to a more traditional CSA, FarmBox has now grown into an online grocery store partnering with over 100 farmers and artisans. All our produce is picked to order when it's ripe and bursting with flavor. There’s nothing better than food that tastes the way it’s supposed to!

Want to Be More EcoFriendly?
Let us help! With our reusable packaging, you can become an ecohero! At FarmBox we use reusable baskets, bags and more! Simply leave them to your driver before each new delivery and we will reuse them for your future orders.

Worm Composting

We compost all of our food scraps and donate them to our local worm farmer, Organic Solution. They sell the worm castings to our local farmers to grow the food we put in the FarmBoxes. It all comes full circle! 

Return Boxes to Farmers
A major source of waste occurs when larger grocery stores throw away the boxes used to transport food. Working directly with the farmers, we return our boxes to them so they may be reused.